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Behind the Song

Have you ever listened to song lyrics and wondered what inspired the artist? Have you ever woven a story in your head after listening to a piece of music? I do it all the time, and that’s how the concept for BEHIND THE SONG was born. In was in my car, blasting Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”, creating the backstory in my head.


Think of the song that shaped a pivotal moment for you. Did it change your mood? Your perspective? Your life?


The incredible contributors chose songs that were somehow deeply personal to them. Some decided to interpret the lyrics and create a short story. Others wrote personal essays sharing how the song changed their life.


With BEHIND THE SONG, the connection between story and song broadens the reader’s experience, encouraging interactivity, discussion, creativity, and reflection. Music is our universal language, after all.


So, cue the playlist and crank the volume. You’ll want to read this book on repeat.


-K.M. Walton